Thursday, 8 May 2014


One of my Twitter chums has been chatting up a new Dom.  He sounds like an interesting guy.  I offered the services of my friend Jen and myself to help tempt him.  I don't suppose I'll be taken up on this but it did lead to me thinking over the perfect party.

I think you need a few more subs than Doms.  I'd go for mainly male dominants - they are just so much better at it - but I think a Domme for variety would be good.  I'd imagine she'd be the most striking person to look at in the ensemble.  I think that women deep down are a lot more severe than men, with other women at least.  So she'd be good as the ultimate threat.

Six subs would be enough that they'd be competing with each other for attention and praise.  So that should ensure that they would do their best.  The drawback would be the possibility for bitchiness and gossip.  But hopefully the Doms would stamp that out.

I did wonder about a uniform for the subs, but decided that nakedness would be more likely to meet with the Doms approval.

Oh and we'd need a male sub.   Someone with plenty of muscles but not much brain would be good.  Someone has to sort out the catering and do the washing up.

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