Saturday, 29 January 2011

Astric dominates

Astric ordered the girls to kneel. Alend assumed a position quickly but gracefully, with her hands behind her back her body straight and her chest pushed forward. She looked at the same time serene but ready for anything. Elm was a bit more flustered. She had been shown how to kneel by her mother and had practised often enough. But faced with a real life Master, her real life Master, who it was her duty to diligently please and obey in all things made it a bit more difficult than she had ever thought.

She went red in the face but managed to get into position. She felt very awkward knowing that her rival was beside her and apparently effortlessly complying with Astric's wishes.

Astric had stripped off his top revealing his muscled torso. Elm glanced across at Alend, and realised that she was staring admiringly at the broad shoulders. What a manipulative bitch, Elm thought. But she quickly followed suit. Astric seemed to respond to having two women staring open eyed at him. He was already swaggering around in a cocksure way, but he still managed to puff out his chest a bit more in pride and satisfaction.

He positioned himself in front of Alend and pulled his cock out from his shorts. It was the first time Elm had seen a cock and she stared at it with some fascination. But she didn't have long to enjoy it in all its glory. He soon slid it into her mouth. Elm watched transfixed as he grasped her hair and pumped into her, thrusting in and out. He did this for about a minute then withdrew and moved over to Elm. It was her turn now.

He paused for a moment with it about three inches in front of her face. It was large, larger than she had expected - especially so close to her face. Maybe 8 inches long and just over an inch in diameter. She had always thought that they were about the size of a banana, but this was quite a bit bigger than a banana. He felt his hands cupping her head then pulling her towards him as he pushed into her mouth. He was much slower with Elm than he had been with Alend and she was able to enjoy the sensation of having this stiff warm rod in her mouth. It was quite comforting in a strange way.

But it was soon over. Astrid then turned his attention back to his other slave and gestured for her to go over to the punishment area. This she did gracefully. Without waiting to be told she removed her clothes, stacked them neatly. and stood right by the chains. He quickly secured her wrists and ankles. He then went over to the whips hanging on the wall and selected a medium sized one. It was in black leather and was maybe 4 feet long and about a quarter of an inch wide.

Elm had heard floggings going on, but had never seen one. She had never even thought that she would be in the position to see another slave being flogged. She was fascinated. She saw the way Astrid lined up the whip, took aim and brought the leather down on Alend's bare flesh. She saw the spasm of pain run through her body. The she saw the red line gradually appearing where the whip had fallen.

He gave attention to her shoulders and the tops of her legs, but most strokes fell across her bottom. As more and more flesh turned red the screams got louder. And Elm began to remember that it would be her turn next.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

First Night with Astric

So to her surprise Elm found herself heading to Astric's hall in the company of another woman. This wasn't exactly to her liking but it seemed to please him. She eyed up her competition for his attention. She had a beautiful face and was slightly smaller than Elm. Her skin was dark and she was slim. Her breasts were smaller than Elm's and she had a less curved bottom. But there was no doubt that she was attractive. The Heruli considered blondes like Elm as more attractive than brunettes. That at least was a comfort.

Her name was Alend.

They entered Astric's dwelling. It was quite spartan. Elm knew what would be coming that night and looked around to get an idea of what she was in for. Her eyes soon fell on the punishment area. All Heruli dwellings had some space set aside for the Master to exert his will over his slave. Astric had equipped himself with a set of whips of different sizes. There were two chains hanging from the ceiling with clasps at the end, just the right size to match the rings in the wrist and ankle cuffs that every Heruli slave wore at all times. There were also two short chains in the floor just below. He obviously favoured having his slave standing with arms and legs stretched out wide. This was usually thought of as the way a stricter Master liked it. The kinder ones would use a bench on which the slave was laid down and chained so she was more comfortable.

It wasn't until now that Elm noticed that Alend was also fitted out with identical restraints. She was overcome with a pang of jealousy. The whips and chains that Astric had installed were going to be shared between the two of them.

But there wasn't much time for thinking. Astric, still with cuts and bruises from the game and obviously still wound up and excited was getting ready. And he obviously already knew exactly what he wanted to do.