Sunday, 9 October 2011

Alim is punished

Astric seemed to lose interest after Brunhill's punishment had finished and signalled to the two women to follow him. As they walked back to Astric's hall Astric asked "What did you think of what happened to Brunhill?"

Alim didn't seem to have anything to say, so Elm chipped in.

"I was glad to see her getting punished. I have heard her complaining too often. She deserved it."

"Quite right Elm. Women need to know their place. Do you think her punishment was severe enough?"

Elm thought about it. To be tied up and whipped publically like that certainly seemed quite severe. But she felt that Astric was hinting that he thought that they had been soft on her. Rather than disagree with him unwittingly, she asked a question.

"Do you think she should have been whipped for longer then?"

"No I think she had as much as she was likely to feel in one session. I don't think it would have sunk in any more if she had. But it doesn't seem to be working with her. She is up on that stage getting her just desserts most months."

Elm had always known Brunhill and her attitude had always been the same. She hadn't realised that she was being regularly flogged for it, but it made sense. It also made it that much more shocking.

"Doesn't her Master do anything about it?"

Astric shook his head. "Sadly he is a very weak man who doesn't know how to control her. I sometimes think we should have him up on stage being whipped."

The idea of a Master being punished was quite shocking, but Elm had to think that in some ways what Astric was saying was quite true. What after all is the point of a Master who can't keep control?

"It is a great pity" said Elm. She was glad that Astric wasn't like that. She couldn't imagine Brunhill would be so disobedient if Astric was in charge of her. Still Alim had said nothing.

"So what do you think Alim?" Astric asked as they neared the door.

"I think that she was treated cruelly" said Alim.

Elm was struck dumb. Surely it was obvious that Brunhill was a bad character who needed to be punished for it. Astric must have been shocked as well, but he kept his calm.

"Well, let us see about that shall we" he stated rather than asked. Without even a thought he marched Alim into the hall and over to the punishment area. He secured her wrists and ankles as before to the cross. He undid her clothes to reveal her back and her bottom. He motioned Elm to stand nearby then when she reached the position he indicated her to kneel down. Elm was about 5 feet from where Alim was secured. The whip at Astric's belt was a long one and seemed to be just right for what he had in mind. It was made of black, thin, cutting leather. It was about 4 ft long. He expertly started to whip Alim with it, with the same unhurried manner that Brunhill had experienced earlier. Astric was probably influenced by what he had seen earlier. After about 10 strokes, Alim was starting to whimper and the red lines were beginnng to appear on her shoulders, the small of her back and her bottom.

Astric was rather obviously enjoying the process, and the swelling in his pants soon became the main thing Elm was watching. He paused, turned to her and released his cock from its restraining clothe. He advanced to Elm and pushed it into her mouth. It felt even bigger than it had done before, and he excitedly thrust it in and out with some speed and energy. Elm was ecstatic to be involved in this way. It was almost as if she was herself taking part in the punishment. Astric carried on for a minute or maybe two, then returned to give his attention to Alim.

He increased the intensity of the flogging. The whip fell faster and harder, and the pause between strokes got shorter. After about a further twenty Astric took another pause in Elm's mouth. He was more urgent and more insistent this time, grasping her head to make sure he could get enough purchase. Elm was becoming excited and was rather shocked and dissappointed when he pulled out and returned to Alim. The intensity arose again, and Alim was now screaming as each blow landed on her bare flesh.

For the third time Astric plunged into Elm's mouth, and this time after a dozen or so deep thrusts into her he came. Elm's mouth rapidly filled with salty come and her eyes filled with tears of joy. She truly felt and shared Astric's pleasure and was glad to be there to allow him such a deep feeling of fullfillment.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

At the Meeting Hall

Astric led the girls into the Meeting Hall. Elm had never been inside the building before, but she had an idea of what went on there. Most of the men of the village would gather there most mornings. Slave women would sometimes be taken in by their masters as well. It was well enough known that many were taken in for punishment.

Astric was wearing just his shorts with one of his whips hanging from his belt. Some men were wearing tunics, and some long trousers. But most of the 80 or so men in the hall were dressed much the same as Astric. There were very few slave women, maybe a dozen.

Elm looked around the interior with curiosity. It was the biggest building in the Heruli village but she had never been inside it before. It had a raised stage surrounded by chairs, a lot more than would be needed to seat everyone that day. Astric sat down with the two girls on either side of him. He seemed pleased by that. But then only 4 or 5 other men had more than one slave.

On stage the village leader called order and everyone else sat down.

'The matter we need to deal with today is the business of Brunhill.'

There was a murmour of agreement. Elm knew Brunhill well and didn't like her much. She was always complaining and doing people down. And she even criticised her Master and other Masters.

'Once again Brunhill has been heard criticising and complaining about men. I propose 20. Do I have your leave?'

Brunhill was led onto the stage naked apart from the ankle and wrist cuffs that all Heruli women wore at all times. She was in her mid forties with a few flecks of grey in her black hair. She was well built but shapely. The two men who led her out tied first her wrists then her ankles to a wooden frame.

Then the two men, both stripped to the waist and looking tall and strong took out their whips and started the flogging. They alternated strokes between them, so Brunhill got stripes from both sides and at two different angles. She was soon screaming, her cries echoing around the hall. But the men showed no mercy, they were like emotionless machines mechanically laying the leather across her naked skin with a pause of about a minute between.

Elm already realised from her first whipping the night before that they were leaving long enough for every blow to sink in and work its maximum amount of pain. She was glad that Brunhill was getting punished. She knew she deserved it. And what is life without a sense of justice? Elm resolved that she would be a good slave and never deserve this kind of treatment.

She also noticed the bulge in Astric's shorts. It looked like he was really aroused by justice as well. That was another source of satisfaction to her. Astric was going to be strict but fair, like a real man should.

Elm's musings meant she lost count, but it must have been about 50 lashes before Brunhill was released. She heard Astric murmuring to one of the other masters. 'The trouble is, she never learns. She'll be back this time next month.'

Sucking Astric

She opened her mouth and took his cock into it. As she did so she felt his hand firmly taking hold of the back of her head. He guided her to the position he liked, instructing her on how quickly to move her head up and down and when to vary the speed.

It had felt large the last time it was in her mouth but this time it felt enormous. She was just beginning to enjoy the feeling of its size filling her mouth when it seemed to get bigger still. Then she felt the jets of liquid pumping into her mouth. It was far more than she was expecting and had come much quicker. She could hear Astric breathing deeply and contentedly. She hesitated a moment and then started to swallow. There was almost enough for it to be a drink.

He pulled out. He strode across to where Alim was tied up.

"Get dressed you two, we are going to the hall."

Astric had selected simple dresses. Short, about half way to the knees, bare arms and a revealing neckline. Astric was pleased. She realised her face and figure weren't a match for Alim, but at least it flattered her larger breasts.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Astric's First Rule

As Mel drifted out of her sleep the next morning she began to remember what had happened the day before. Astric's large body was motionless next to her in the bed. She heard a jangle of chains and looked up to see that Alend was still chained naked to the wall.

She went to get up but the pressure on her ankles reminded her that she was still chained to the bed. Until Astric woke up she would be where she was. She felt the desire to put her arms around Astric. Would that be allowed? At first she thought it better not to, but the urge to do so was strong. She decided to risk it. His back was facing her so she placed herself behind him and put her arm over him and rested her hand on his stomach. She was impressed at how firm the flesh was. He stirred a little and let out a murmur. Then his hand reached up, took her by the wrist and moved her hand down to his cock.

It was tiny and really soft but warm, a bit like holding a small baby rodent. It didn't remind her much of the big solid thing that had been inside her and filled her mouth the night before. But as she squeezed it gently, it began to swell.

It was amazing to feel it getting bigger and bigger. It was already bigger than her hand even so was still pretty soft. As it reached its full size it finally began to harden.

Astric spoke quietly. 'My first rule, is I want to be sucked first thing every morning.'

Elm wondered how many more rules there would be and whether they would all be so easy to comply with as she moved down the man's body and positioned her face next to his cock.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Domination - Naked, nothing else

I was told to take my clothes off and blindfold myself. When I had done that He led me to a room. Well it was his wet room. I knew that. I think I was supposed not to know. But as the first order he gave was to remain silent that didn't come up.

There he made me stand up straight for a while. Then he told me to assume some positions that he had got off a website called restrained elegance that he had had me practising all week. It was really enjoyable getting into place and then waiting for my next instruction, and carrying it out with as much precision as I could.

I thought I had done well and that would be it, but he spanked me as well. He told me to bend over and grasp my ankles. It is harder than you think to stay upright when you are blindfolded and bending over.

It hurt a lot more than I expected. Then I found out that he was naked too as he made love to me up against the wall.

Then the blindfold came off. Boy did he look hot!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Alend Punished

The tears ran from her eyes and allowed her to see clearly. She looked around now her eyes had become accustomed to the light and she was no longer concentrating on watching Astric and Alend. She had grown up among the Heruli so she was used to seeing instruments and correction and restraint. Most Heruli Masters normally carried a whip with them in their belts most of the time. Slaves always wore the wrist and ankle cuffs that she had started wearing that day. All Heruli homes had punishment areas equipped according to the taste of the Master. She remembered the low bench on which her father had from time to time administered punishments.

But looking around she could see that Astric was particularly enthusiastic. His collection of whips and canes was huge. Also there were hooks and attachments everywhere. He had contrived lots of ways his slaves could be tied up. She didn't dare look round completely, but she could hear that Astric was dealing with Alend. Soon she heard several slaps - she was being hit by his bare hand. A tingle sprung up between her legs as she resolved the sounds in her head. There was some more noise behind her and she heard the sound of clips being secured.

Astric returned to Elm and finally released her wrists. The burning feelings on her back and bottom had not died down but they had changed, they were warmer now and while still painful almost comforting. Astric led her to the bed. She glanced over and saw that Alend had been tied to the wall with her hands above her head. She was looking back at Elm.

Now Elm was secured again, this time to the bed. He back was burning as the chains to her legs and wrists pulled her back down against the bed. She felt the weight of Astric - and he was very heavy - pushing down on top of her. He had discarded his shorts and was now completely naked and looked even more muscular than usual. His chest pressed against her chest. His arms slipped under her back to let him squeeze against her. And his cock pushed into her. For the first time she felt him push insider her - painful but pleasing at the same time.

After he was finished with her, he released her wrists and one of her ankles. She fell asleep almost immediately. It had been quite a day.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Astric's hand gripped her arm firmly as he lifted it up to secure it to the chain. Then the next, so she was now suspended from the ceiling. She didn't dare try to see how much she could move. It wasn't much. He secured her ankles as well.

The traditional saree that a Heruli woman wore the first time her Master took her was designed to be easy for him to remove. It was simply wrapped around. Astric whipped it off at speed. Mel felt her boobs flop downwards. It was too late to panic now - she was naked in front of him with her arms and legs held tightly in position.

Astric was pulling the whip through his hand as he looked her up and down. He seemed pleased with himself. He then walked behind her and dissappeared from view. She could still hear him though. So it was no surprise as the first stroke fell diagonally across her shoulders. It burnt and it stung at the same time. The pain made her gasp. Then the next stroke fell, then the next. Elm started to cry out - and soon was crying more or less continuously. As her cries increased she could hear Astric chuckling to himself - clearly enjoying himself. Elm was pleased to think that her pain was giving him pleasure. But she had little time to think about it. She was flexing her whole body involuntarily - pulling hopelessly against the tight leather cuffs securing her wrists and ankles.

She was hardly aware but Astric switched his attention to her bottom. This felt very different. It still stung, but it also had a warm almost pleasant feeling associated with it. She was now crying tears that were running down her face - she couldn't wipe them away. She was breathing deeply. But she felt relaxed. Painful as it was, it felt right. She was glad that Astric was proving a strong Master.

At last the whipping stopped. She expected to be released straight away like Alend had been. But behind her she heard Astric talking to Alend. He was talking strictly. Elm was still crying and unable to make out what was going on. But Astric sounded angry.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Elm's Turn

It was the wisdom among the Heruli that a Master had to establish that he was in control on the first night. If he failed to make an impression he might never be able to gain the respect of his slave. Astric knew this very well and did not spare Alend at all. The flogging continued for half an hour.

Alend had been silent at first, but as Astric continued she started to whimper and then cry out. Growing up among the Heruli, Elm had heard the cries of slaves being whipped often enough. But she had never really thought about it before. Seeing Alend writhing in the chains made her realise that it was really going to hurt, and hurt a lot. She looked at Astric. It was clear from his face that he as enjoying himself - again she had never really thought what the Master would get out of it.

Would he be as hard with her? She hoped not. No. She hoped he would. She wanted to give him as much pleasure as Alend clearly was.

Astric had now finished. He undid the clasps holding the chains onto her cuffs. Elm expected her to collapse on the floor. He back bottom and legs were a riot of red lines. But she simply bowed and returned to the position she had been in, kneeling next to Elm with her head lowered. Astric pointed the whip at Elm, who got up and walked towards the punishment area. She was about to have her long awaited first whipping.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Astric dominates

Astric ordered the girls to kneel. Alend assumed a position quickly but gracefully, with her hands behind her back her body straight and her chest pushed forward. She looked at the same time serene but ready for anything. Elm was a bit more flustered. She had been shown how to kneel by her mother and had practised often enough. But faced with a real life Master, her real life Master, who it was her duty to diligently please and obey in all things made it a bit more difficult than she had ever thought.

She went red in the face but managed to get into position. She felt very awkward knowing that her rival was beside her and apparently effortlessly complying with Astric's wishes.

Astric had stripped off his top revealing his muscled torso. Elm glanced across at Alend, and realised that she was staring admiringly at the broad shoulders. What a manipulative bitch, Elm thought. But she quickly followed suit. Astric seemed to respond to having two women staring open eyed at him. He was already swaggering around in a cocksure way, but he still managed to puff out his chest a bit more in pride and satisfaction.

He positioned himself in front of Alend and pulled his cock out from his shorts. It was the first time Elm had seen a cock and she stared at it with some fascination. But she didn't have long to enjoy it in all its glory. He soon slid it into her mouth. Elm watched transfixed as he grasped her hair and pumped into her, thrusting in and out. He did this for about a minute then withdrew and moved over to Elm. It was her turn now.

He paused for a moment with it about three inches in front of her face. It was large, larger than she had expected - especially so close to her face. Maybe 8 inches long and just over an inch in diameter. She had always thought that they were about the size of a banana, but this was quite a bit bigger than a banana. He felt his hands cupping her head then pulling her towards him as he pushed into her mouth. He was much slower with Elm than he had been with Alend and she was able to enjoy the sensation of having this stiff warm rod in her mouth. It was quite comforting in a strange way.

But it was soon over. Astrid then turned his attention back to his other slave and gestured for her to go over to the punishment area. This she did gracefully. Without waiting to be told she removed her clothes, stacked them neatly. and stood right by the chains. He quickly secured her wrists and ankles. He then went over to the whips hanging on the wall and selected a medium sized one. It was in black leather and was maybe 4 feet long and about a quarter of an inch wide.

Elm had heard floggings going on, but had never seen one. She had never even thought that she would be in the position to see another slave being flogged. She was fascinated. She saw the way Astrid lined up the whip, took aim and brought the leather down on Alend's bare flesh. She saw the spasm of pain run through her body. The she saw the red line gradually appearing where the whip had fallen.

He gave attention to her shoulders and the tops of her legs, but most strokes fell across her bottom. As more and more flesh turned red the screams got louder. And Elm began to remember that it would be her turn next.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

First Night with Astric

So to her surprise Elm found herself heading to Astric's hall in the company of another woman. This wasn't exactly to her liking but it seemed to please him. She eyed up her competition for his attention. She had a beautiful face and was slightly smaller than Elm. Her skin was dark and she was slim. Her breasts were smaller than Elm's and she had a less curved bottom. But there was no doubt that she was attractive. The Heruli considered blondes like Elm as more attractive than brunettes. That at least was a comfort.

Her name was Alend.

They entered Astric's dwelling. It was quite spartan. Elm knew what would be coming that night and looked around to get an idea of what she was in for. Her eyes soon fell on the punishment area. All Heruli dwellings had some space set aside for the Master to exert his will over his slave. Astric had equipped himself with a set of whips of different sizes. There were two chains hanging from the ceiling with clasps at the end, just the right size to match the rings in the wrist and ankle cuffs that every Heruli slave wore at all times. There were also two short chains in the floor just below. He obviously favoured having his slave standing with arms and legs stretched out wide. This was usually thought of as the way a stricter Master liked it. The kinder ones would use a bench on which the slave was laid down and chained so she was more comfortable.

It wasn't until now that Elm noticed that Alend was also fitted out with identical restraints. She was overcome with a pang of jealousy. The whips and chains that Astric had installed were going to be shared between the two of them.

But there wasn't much time for thinking. Astric, still with cuts and bruises from the game and obviously still wound up and excited was getting ready. And he obviously already knew exactly what he wanted to do.