Saturday, 14 August 2010

Being Wrong - Master is always right.

The thing is, Master is always right. So supposing he says or does something that you think is wrong.

Its easy enough to pretend to him that he is right. Anyone can do that. The trick is to really believe that he is right.

Its a bit like correction. If you do something wrong, you should not only be punished for it but should want to be punished. You want to get what you deserve.

Likewise, Master is right by definition.

I am getting a tingle in the bottom just thinking about it all.

An Idea from a friend

This is what I want you to imagine.

You are being led down a corridor by your Master. He has a leash attached to your collar. You are naked. Your hands are held together in front of you by a short, 6", chain attached to black leather cuffs on your wrists. Your ankles are held together by a similar arrangement forcing you to walk with very short steps.

He leads you through a door into a large room. The room is stone clad ad has no windows or furniture. In it are 5 men in suits. They are all tall, much taller than you. They are all holding thin whippy canes, about 4 ft long. They all look at you with interest as you enter but nobody says anything.

Your Master leads you to the centre of the room where there is a clip built into the floor. He attaches the chain between your legs to it. There is a hook hanging on a chain from the ceiling. He attaches the chain between your wrists to it.

He removes the leash and places a blindfold on you.

Lovely composition, serene face, black whip

I love the look on her face.

Another bit of porn

I think its the way he grips her hair that makes this one for me.

Friday, 6 August 2010

First date with Dan

I really need to shake off my older men habit. Dan is 39 and he seems young! Anyway, we went for a drink in town. He had driven in so wasn't drinking, but I was. He surprised me by suggesting a meal. He was parked in the car park in Brewer Street and knew a place nearby (something and something it was called). We got a table even though we didn't get there till nearly 10. We had some crab (yummy) and a bottle of wine which I drunk most of.

He drove me home and we arrived outside the house at about 12. I was going to say goodbye but my goodbye kiss was a bit too long and it turned into a snog. It went on a bit and somehow my hand ended up on his cock, which was really stiff. I felt all proud of myself - I was a bit drunk - and to my surprise I found myself unzipping his trousers. I think a bit of me wanted to show off and impress him. Anyway, after a bit of fumbling I managed to get his cock out. It was very long and smooth. It was about the thickness of a banana. I hesitated and looked at him. He looked back sort of pleased. So in my mouth it went.

Having got that far I didn't quite know what to do next so I squeezed the shaft a bit, sucked a little and played with the tip with my tongue. I felt him pushing in and out a bit so I responded by bobbing my head up and down a bit. Although he had been hard when I started I could feel him getting even stiffer. I thought I had better stop before things got out of hand. This proved a bit harder than I thought because as I pulled my head up I felt his hand on the back.

He didn't try to stop me though.

But he did say. "I want more of that'.

'You had better come in then' I replied. This definitely hadn't been the game plan. I was supposed to be getting back to being a normal girl dating non-kinky guys and here I was gobbling him in the car and inviting him in on the first date. And not even using the coffee pretext.

We went straight in, up the stairs and into my bedroom. I think he thought I was more drunk than I actually was because he undressed me. We had a bit of a snog then he laid me on my back and put his cock back into my mouth. He was kneeling over the top of me and holding my wrists in his hands.

I have had a lot of men's cocks in my mouth over the last year, but this was a bit different. He was in control and doing just what he wanted. I also liked the smoothness and hardness. and it seemed to just fill my mouth in a satisfying way. He settled into a rhythm for what seemed like quite a long time, then speeded up a bit and again I noticed him getting a bit bigger. Then in an instant my mouth was full. He really did produce a lot. I swallowed it down while he stayed in my mouth as his erection deflated. (Another new experience.)

After that I needed a drink so we got dressed and went back downstairs.

'You are quite dominant in bed, aren't you.' I said.

'Oh yes. You don't the half of it' he replied.

Looking for a normal guy hadn't got off to a great start. But I wanted to see him again. When he suggested his place next weekend, I agreed straight away.