Saturday, 14 August 2010

An Idea from a friend

This is what I want you to imagine.

You are being led down a corridor by your Master. He has a leash attached to your collar. You are naked. Your hands are held together in front of you by a short, 6", chain attached to black leather cuffs on your wrists. Your ankles are held together by a similar arrangement forcing you to walk with very short steps.

He leads you through a door into a large room. The room is stone clad ad has no windows or furniture. In it are 5 men in suits. They are all tall, much taller than you. They are all holding thin whippy canes, about 4 ft long. They all look at you with interest as you enter but nobody says anything.

Your Master leads you to the centre of the room where there is a clip built into the floor. He attaches the chain between your legs to it. There is a hook hanging on a chain from the ceiling. He attaches the chain between your wrists to it.

He removes the leash and places a blindfold on you.

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