Sunday, 9 October 2011

Alim is punished

Astric seemed to lose interest after Brunhill's punishment had finished and signalled to the two women to follow him. As they walked back to Astric's hall Astric asked "What did you think of what happened to Brunhill?"

Alim didn't seem to have anything to say, so Elm chipped in.

"I was glad to see her getting punished. I have heard her complaining too often. She deserved it."

"Quite right Elm. Women need to know their place. Do you think her punishment was severe enough?"

Elm thought about it. To be tied up and whipped publically like that certainly seemed quite severe. But she felt that Astric was hinting that he thought that they had been soft on her. Rather than disagree with him unwittingly, she asked a question.

"Do you think she should have been whipped for longer then?"

"No I think she had as much as she was likely to feel in one session. I don't think it would have sunk in any more if she had. But it doesn't seem to be working with her. She is up on that stage getting her just desserts most months."

Elm had always known Brunhill and her attitude had always been the same. She hadn't realised that she was being regularly flogged for it, but it made sense. It also made it that much more shocking.

"Doesn't her Master do anything about it?"

Astric shook his head. "Sadly he is a very weak man who doesn't know how to control her. I sometimes think we should have him up on stage being whipped."

The idea of a Master being punished was quite shocking, but Elm had to think that in some ways what Astric was saying was quite true. What after all is the point of a Master who can't keep control?

"It is a great pity" said Elm. She was glad that Astric wasn't like that. She couldn't imagine Brunhill would be so disobedient if Astric was in charge of her. Still Alim had said nothing.

"So what do you think Alim?" Astric asked as they neared the door.

"I think that she was treated cruelly" said Alim.

Elm was struck dumb. Surely it was obvious that Brunhill was a bad character who needed to be punished for it. Astric must have been shocked as well, but he kept his calm.

"Well, let us see about that shall we" he stated rather than asked. Without even a thought he marched Alim into the hall and over to the punishment area. He secured her wrists and ankles as before to the cross. He undid her clothes to reveal her back and her bottom. He motioned Elm to stand nearby then when she reached the position he indicated her to kneel down. Elm was about 5 feet from where Alim was secured. The whip at Astric's belt was a long one and seemed to be just right for what he had in mind. It was made of black, thin, cutting leather. It was about 4 ft long. He expertly started to whip Alim with it, with the same unhurried manner that Brunhill had experienced earlier. Astric was probably influenced by what he had seen earlier. After about 10 strokes, Alim was starting to whimper and the red lines were beginnng to appear on her shoulders, the small of her back and her bottom.

Astric was rather obviously enjoying the process, and the swelling in his pants soon became the main thing Elm was watching. He paused, turned to her and released his cock from its restraining clothe. He advanced to Elm and pushed it into her mouth. It felt even bigger than it had done before, and he excitedly thrust it in and out with some speed and energy. Elm was ecstatic to be involved in this way. It was almost as if she was herself taking part in the punishment. Astric carried on for a minute or maybe two, then returned to give his attention to Alim.

He increased the intensity of the flogging. The whip fell faster and harder, and the pause between strokes got shorter. After about a further twenty Astric took another pause in Elm's mouth. He was more urgent and more insistent this time, grasping her head to make sure he could get enough purchase. Elm was becoming excited and was rather shocked and dissappointed when he pulled out and returned to Alim. The intensity arose again, and Alim was now screaming as each blow landed on her bare flesh.

For the third time Astric plunged into Elm's mouth, and this time after a dozen or so deep thrusts into her he came. Elm's mouth rapidly filled with salty come and her eyes filled with tears of joy. She truly felt and shared Astric's pleasure and was glad to be there to allow him such a deep feeling of fullfillment.