Sunday, 6 February 2011


Astric's hand gripped her arm firmly as he lifted it up to secure it to the chain. Then the next, so she was now suspended from the ceiling. She didn't dare try to see how much she could move. It wasn't much. He secured her ankles as well.

The traditional saree that a Heruli woman wore the first time her Master took her was designed to be easy for him to remove. It was simply wrapped around. Astric whipped it off at speed. Mel felt her boobs flop downwards. It was too late to panic now - she was naked in front of him with her arms and legs held tightly in position.

Astric was pulling the whip through his hand as he looked her up and down. He seemed pleased with himself. He then walked behind her and dissappeared from view. She could still hear him though. So it was no surprise as the first stroke fell diagonally across her shoulders. It burnt and it stung at the same time. The pain made her gasp. Then the next stroke fell, then the next. Elm started to cry out - and soon was crying more or less continuously. As her cries increased she could hear Astric chuckling to himself - clearly enjoying himself. Elm was pleased to think that her pain was giving him pleasure. But she had little time to think about it. She was flexing her whole body involuntarily - pulling hopelessly against the tight leather cuffs securing her wrists and ankles.

She was hardly aware but Astric switched his attention to her bottom. This felt very different. It still stung, but it also had a warm almost pleasant feeling associated with it. She was now crying tears that were running down her face - she couldn't wipe them away. She was breathing deeply. But she felt relaxed. Painful as it was, it felt right. She was glad that Astric was proving a strong Master.

At last the whipping stopped. She expected to be released straight away like Alend had been. But behind her she heard Astric talking to Alend. He was talking strictly. Elm was still crying and unable to make out what was going on. But Astric sounded angry.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Elm's Turn

It was the wisdom among the Heruli that a Master had to establish that he was in control on the first night. If he failed to make an impression he might never be able to gain the respect of his slave. Astric knew this very well and did not spare Alend at all. The flogging continued for half an hour.

Alend had been silent at first, but as Astric continued she started to whimper and then cry out. Growing up among the Heruli, Elm had heard the cries of slaves being whipped often enough. But she had never really thought about it before. Seeing Alend writhing in the chains made her realise that it was really going to hurt, and hurt a lot. She looked at Astric. It was clear from his face that he as enjoying himself - again she had never really thought what the Master would get out of it.

Would he be as hard with her? She hoped not. No. She hoped he would. She wanted to give him as much pleasure as Alend clearly was.

Astric had now finished. He undid the clasps holding the chains onto her cuffs. Elm expected her to collapse on the floor. He back bottom and legs were a riot of red lines. But she simply bowed and returned to the position she had been in, kneeling next to Elm with her head lowered. Astric pointed the whip at Elm, who got up and walked towards the punishment area. She was about to have her long awaited first whipping.