Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Jen visits

David was very pleased with me for getting Jen to visit (can't keep up the thing with calling her x).  She tried to look very cool when I let her in, but seeing me in my collar and cuffs and a t-shirt dress with obviously no underwear obviously surprised and interested her.

I introduced her to David in the dining room, and being David he got straight onto his favourite subject straight away - discipline.  I saw her pull a face when he explained that he thought that women needed regular discipline in a relationship, but she didn't argue.   I stood up for a while, then David signalled me to kneel, which I did with as much elegance as I could muster.

Dave asked if she had any questions.  She asked if  he really hurt when he hit me.  He said why don't you ask Mel.  He told me to stand up and bend over, which I did.   He took his belt off and gave me a couple of strokes.  He asked me how it felt and I confirmed that it hurt.

He invited Jen to see the punishment room.  He acted as if he didn't know that she had already seen it.  She didn't let on that she had.  He is so clever like that.  It meant that she was already half way there.  When we got down to it he ordered me to take my clothes off, then he secured me in place wrists and ankles.  His riding crop was down there so he gave me three whacks with it.  Boy did they sting.  Then he asked Jen to examine my bottom to watch the red lines appear.

"Do you think that that didn't hurt?"

Jen agreed that it did.  She hadn't actually questioned it, but he made out that she was doubting him.  Now he made the move I knew he had been planning all along.

"Do you want to see what it feels like to be in Mel's place?"

I would have loved to have seen the look on her face.  He unclipped me and told me to tie up Jen.  I hadn't expected that bit, but it was very exciting.  She took her clothes off without being asked while I was getting some cuffs, and soon she just where I had been.  Dave let her wait for about a minute then gave her the same three whacks I had had.

Of course I had forgotten that it takes practice not to cry out, and after the second and third she made a load of noise.  It was quite sweet.  Then Dave ordered me to release her.  We walked up to the living room, and when we were there Dave had us kneeling while he read his Kindle.  Then we went up to the bedroom.  First Jen watched while Dave made love to me, then I watched while he made love to her.  We all slept together in the same bed that night.

And that is how I got into poly.