Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Astric's First Rule

As Mel drifted out of her sleep the next morning she began to remember what had happened the day before. Astric's large body was motionless next to her in the bed. She heard a jangle of chains and looked up to see that Alend was still chained naked to the wall.

She went to get up but the pressure on her ankles reminded her that she was still chained to the bed. Until Astric woke up she would be where she was. She felt the desire to put her arms around Astric. Would that be allowed? At first she thought it better not to, but the urge to do so was strong. She decided to risk it. His back was facing her so she placed herself behind him and put her arm over him and rested her hand on his stomach. She was impressed at how firm the flesh was. He stirred a little and let out a murmur. Then his hand reached up, took her by the wrist and moved her hand down to his cock.

It was tiny and really soft but warm, a bit like holding a small baby rodent. It didn't remind her much of the big solid thing that had been inside her and filled her mouth the night before. But as she squeezed it gently, it began to swell.

It was amazing to feel it getting bigger and bigger. It was already bigger than her hand even so was still pretty soft. As it reached its full size it finally began to harden.

Astric spoke quietly. 'My first rule, is I want to be sucked first thing every morning.'

Elm wondered how many more rules there would be and whether they would all be so easy to comply with as she moved down the man's body and positioned her face next to his cock.