Sunday, 17 April 2011

Alend Punished

The tears ran from her eyes and allowed her to see clearly. She looked around now her eyes had become accustomed to the light and she was no longer concentrating on watching Astric and Alend. She had grown up among the Heruli so she was used to seeing instruments and correction and restraint. Most Heruli Masters normally carried a whip with them in their belts most of the time. Slaves always wore the wrist and ankle cuffs that she had started wearing that day. All Heruli homes had punishment areas equipped according to the taste of the Master. She remembered the low bench on which her father had from time to time administered punishments.

But looking around she could see that Astric was particularly enthusiastic. His collection of whips and canes was huge. Also there were hooks and attachments everywhere. He had contrived lots of ways his slaves could be tied up. She didn't dare look round completely, but she could hear that Astric was dealing with Alend. Soon she heard several slaps - she was being hit by his bare hand. A tingle sprung up between her legs as she resolved the sounds in her head. There was some more noise behind her and she heard the sound of clips being secured.

Astric returned to Elm and finally released her wrists. The burning feelings on her back and bottom had not died down but they had changed, they were warmer now and while still painful almost comforting. Astric led her to the bed. She glanced over and saw that Alend had been tied to the wall with her hands above her head. She was looking back at Elm.

Now Elm was secured again, this time to the bed. He back was burning as the chains to her legs and wrists pulled her back down against the bed. She felt the weight of Astric - and he was very heavy - pushing down on top of her. He had discarded his shorts and was now completely naked and looked even more muscular than usual. His chest pressed against her chest. His arms slipped under her back to let him squeeze against her. And his cock pushed into her. For the first time she felt him push insider her - painful but pleasing at the same time.

After he was finished with her, he released her wrists and one of her ankles. She fell asleep almost immediately. It had been quite a day.

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