Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Domination - Naked, nothing else

I was told to take my clothes off and blindfold myself. When I had done that He led me to a room. Well it was his wet room. I knew that. I think I was supposed not to know. But as the first order he gave was to remain silent that didn't come up.

There he made me stand up straight for a while. Then he told me to assume some positions that he had got off a website called restrained elegance that he had had me practising all week. It was really enjoyable getting into place and then waiting for my next instruction, and carrying it out with as much precision as I could.

I thought I had done well and that would be it, but he spanked me as well. He told me to bend over and grasp my ankles. It is harder than you think to stay upright when you are blindfolded and bending over.

It hurt a lot more than I expected. Then I found out that he was naked too as he made love to me up against the wall.

Then the blindfold came off. Boy did he look hot!


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