Sunday, 18 May 2014

Jen's Plan

Men don't have a chance sometimes.  Jen has had two dates with Mike and now she plans to move in for the kill. We had a long chat this afternoon, Jen, Jane and me, and have worked out the strategy.  He won't know what has hit him.

They are meeting for a drink near her flat.  When he has relaxed she will invite him back.  They have only kissed so far, but when she was saying goodbye last time she checked out his package.  He was interested - hand full interested.

So the game plan is simple.  Get him back to her place.  Get him sitting down, and as soon as possible get his cock into her mouth.  She has had plenty of practice over the last couple of months - he is in for a treat.

Then get him into bed.  Then the speech.  'I realise you are so good looking you could have the pick.'  'I'll do anything you want me to.'

Then move on to the relationship builders.

'I think men should take the lead.'  'Tell me what to do if I am doing something wrong.' 'I'm just an old fashioned girl.'

If that works praise his strong arms.  Praise his penis.

If things continue to go well, make allusions to how he should impose his discipline on her.  Just to be really optimistic, have handcuffs and blindfold handy.

I think it is a good plan.  Jane was really helpful - she knows what makes men's minds work.  I can't wait to hear how it goes.  Mike looks like a normal guy from what I have heard so far. Does he have secret desires?  Or can he be turned?  Should know in 2 days time.

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