Friday, 25 April 2014

The Drill

Inspired by a video I found online I suggested to Master that He might enjoy training me to obey commands in a very formal way.  He agreed, and as I hoped also decided to see if his friends with slaves would like to join in.  They did.

It was basically very simple.  We were all naked except for collars and cuffs on our wrists and ankles. All the collars and cuffs had rings for easy securing.  We stood in a line and obeyed whatever command the Dom in charge issued.  We had five pre-agreed positions.

 - Standing to attention, hands by our sides.
 - Standing with hands held behind our heads.
 - Standing
 - Kneeling.
 - Stretched out on the floor

I had practised in advance.

The Drill in the event was very simple.  We all arrived at Robert's house.   Gill met us at the door and took our coats.  The other subs and me went up to Gill's room where we got ready. Getting ready wasn't difficult as basically it was just taking our clothes off and putting on our cuffs.  (We were all already wearing our collars.)

We had a while to chat.  We all enjoyed looking at some fresh bruises on Jane's bottom.  It was very intimate, all having this thing we shared.

We were called down and lined up in the dining room. I was on the right hand side.

The four masters took it in turns to issue commands.  It was soon evident that they particular enjoyed having us kneeling.   Jane was judged to have been the poorest performer and was publicly spanked.  It was a bit unfair, as the guys agreed.   Everyone had done well and it was only because they had decided beforehand that was what they were going to do that made them go ahead with it.

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