Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Jen's Progress

Update on how Jen is doing.  Back in February she knew nothing about being a slave.  Since then she has become a regular visitor and is completely obedient when she does so.  She says she enjoys being submissive.

She has lost some weight and started to dress a bit more smartly.  She now arrives on time when she said she would - she was very unpunctual initially - and has even got praise and promotion at work for her 'attitude'.  She says that she was completely unaware of these things but appreciates them.

As a result of her experience she has now changed her attitude.  She is still comtemptuous of men she has had relationships with.  But she thinks that submitting to a master as a slave is a very healthy mindset that works for her.

She still has some work to do.  She still doesn't have much poise.  She still argues sometimes when told to do something.  But basically she has gone from being an ordinary woman, and rather a slovenly one at that, to a disciplined slave.  Dave is exceptionally good at this sort of thing, but even so I am very impressed.

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