Friday, 11 April 2014

Benefits of Discipline

I live the life I live because I find it hot and irresistible.  If it was harmful and destructive I would still be attracted to it, and I think would probably not have the willpower to resist it.  But apart from the risk of injury - which has never actually happened - and needing a larger wardrobe to cover everyday life as well as my home life most of the consequences of being a willing slave to a loving master are pretty positive.

1. A Healthy Diet.  My master decides what goes in my mouth.  He isn't a food fadist and we don't eat anything out of the ordinary.  But he does make sure the number of calories we both eat is not excessive and we don't overdo the processed foods.   (Though he likes a microwave curry from time to time and the odd pizza.)  As a result I have dropped about a stone in weight since I moved in and since the weight came off it has stayed off.  I can only blame my big bum on genetics now.

2. Not worrying about whether I am doing the right thing.  He decides, so I know I am pleasing him.

3. No lingering arguments.  We do sometimes disagree, but it is always resolved.

4. Making some great friends.

5. Dull things can be made exciting.  Particularly cleaning.

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