Sunday, 15 May 2016

Advantages Of Being A Slave

Well I have to say that Jen has taken to being submissive really well.  Looking back over the last two years the changes have been amazing.

1. She used to be really dismissive of men and pretty disrespectful to women.  She is now very good company for anybody, and listens carefully to what people say.  As a result she is a lot better liked and has more friends. I have a feeling her recent promotion at work was something to do with it too.

2. She has lost nearly two stones and now has a really nice figure.  I think the fact that her bottom gets looked at a lot nowadays has a lot to do with it.

3. She dresses much better and puts her makeup on a lot more carefully.  She really doesn't look like the person she used to look like at all any more.

4. She can now bring a man to orgasm in her mouth more or less at will.  This was someone who wouldn't even perform oral sex before she got into submission.

I don't think that is a full list, but it will do to be getting on with.  Not a bad set of results for what basically is no more than doing what your told and submitting to regular corporal punishment.

I really think the advantages of being a slave to a good master aren't discussed enough.  I know that Jen is a lot happier - she often says so.  Dave is also happy and very confident.  I suppose knowing he has a woman available to carry out his every bidding must be good for that.  Again, he has just got a promotion as well.  Maybe the leadership skills he has picked up in the bedroom have come in handy.

The great thing is that it all comes so naturally.  You just follow your instincts and you end up with a life that you love.

I don't know what the future holds for Dave and Jen.  They seem very happy together so I imagine it will be marriage bells and a long life together.  But if they split up, I have a feeling that Jen has the skills to get a new man and to make him very happy to have her.

I recommend it.

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