Saturday, 21 January 2017

Selecting Masters And Slaves

20% of women would be slaves - the ones with the biggest breasts

Once again I have been thinking about the BDSM enclave that I think someone should set up. Specifically I have been thinking about how the different categories of person should be filled. I think that only about 10% of the males can be dominant. They would have to be identified as the natural born leaders at around the age of 18 - maybe after two years in a school designed to both educate and select the best ones.

They'd need to be intelligent and well read. That could be selected by an exam. They'd also need to have good physical fitness, especially muscle strength and stamina. So they'd need to train for these things and keep up that training in later life. Girls would have to be educated separately and learn basic discipline.

 They would need to be used to punishments and being in various forms of bondage. I think about 20% of the population would be slaves and they would be selected simply on breast size. The ones with the biggest breasts would be designated as slaves. I think that big breasted women are the most submissive and obedient as it happens, but in any case those will be the ones that the men will want as slaves.

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