Monday, 9 May 2016


There is no way that men can be the kind of effective strict disciplinarians that I think they should be unless they work hard on themselves. They need to be fit and strong. They need to be able to inflict pain on their slaves without succumbing to pity. And they need to have the skill to handle the whips, the belts and the manacles to hold the objects they are disciplining in place. So in my ideal BDSM enclave there would need to be a programme in place to keep the men in trim for their role.

This is how I think it would work.

 On a regular basis the younger men would need to attend training sessions to practice and be instructed by older and more experienced masters. I'd think that Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons would be suitable - though as a submissive I shouldn't like to have too strong an opinion on it.

The practice areas would be permanent and would be equipped as fully as needed. They'd also need some slaves to practice on. It wouldn't be a good idea to use this kind of session as actual punishment, so the slaves would have to be simply nominated to be available. So I could imagine myself sitting on a bench watching as the older men give the younger ones tips on techniques. They could also observe and critique them in practice.

So they'd need a steady stream of bodies to be chained in place for the whips to work on. It would be necessary to inspect the flesh regularly to get the idea of how things are working. Of course it would also be good practice for slaves in how to behave when being punished. They'd obviously have to be polite, dignified and respectful throughout. So all in all, the benefits for everyone involved would be well worth having.

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