Sunday, 24 May 2015

Humiliating Experience

Dave isn't really all that into humiliation, or at least the humiliating things he does to me are so comfortable and familiar now that I don't really register them anymore.  Being locked in a cage naked for an hour as decoration for his office while he does some work - doesn't everyone do that?

But this weekend he did manage to thoroughly humiliate me.  I simultaneously hated it and found it exillarating.   But the details.

Yesterday we drove nearly 100 miles for a social gathering with four other couples, none of whom I had met before and who Dave only knew vaguely.  The theme of the party, which was in honour of the host's 45th birthday, was to pick which wife had the nicest breasts.

The first part of the evening was just a buffet with drinks and chatting and getting to know each other.  I was quite a bit younger than everyone else so I probably didn't fit in as easily as the others, but it was okay.  All the wives were wearing collars so we had something in common.

About nine the woman were sent into a back room to strip off.  We then filed back into the living room and stood in line with our hands held behind our backs.  The men then rated our breasts by giving us each a score out of five, written on index cards.  Dave had the job of totting up the numbers and announcing our scores.  He has a good voice for public speaking so he did it well.

Luckily I won.  Mine were the biggest as it happens, though I think it was the fact that they were about 15 years newer than the others that probably swung it.  The losers were gagged and had their hands tied behind their backs and had to spend the rest of the evening kneeling along the wall.  My prize was to sit down at the table with the men.  We had a rather nice shepherds pie to eat that had been in the oven while the contest went on.

Dave and I then left.  I think there was more planned for the rest of the guests but we had a long way to go home.

My thoughts?  I don't think I would like to make a habit of it, but it was quite good to get used in this way.  It's all part of being a slave.

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