Saturday, 1 February 2014

Miss X Visits

Just a few minutes to spare to bring the blog up to date on my Miss X project. Dave is away for a few days and so I had a chance to get into town.  I plucked up the courage to invite her back round after work yesterday.

I have been telling her a bit about our lifestyle and got her interested, or at least curious.  So I think she was a bit disappointed that our house looks much like any other with no indication of anything out of the ordinary.

She was impressed by the size of the place though. She was obviously really curious because she said we had room for a dungeon.  This gave me the chance to show her our dungeon - although we just call it the punishment room.  I like showing it off because the marble wall is very impressive.  In fact there was nothing even in there to indicate much about what goes on as the bench was elsewhere, so it was only the wrist and ankle chains on the wall that gave it away.

(They are short lengths of chain with fittings that clip onto my cuffs, so even they aren't much to look at.)

I showed her how they worked.  Then I gave her the chance to try it out herself.  She was keen!  It was an interesting experience putting cuffs on somebody else.  A first.  Then when she was chained up I asked her how she felt.  She said she was excited by it.  I suggested trying again naked to really get the idea.  I was a bit nervous asking, but she just giggled a bit and agreed.  I unhooked her and let her take her clothes off.  (More giggles.)  Then I chained her up again.

It was really interesting.  Dave isn't really into photography so I have never really got the idea of what I must look like.  x is about the same size as me so I suppose that is what I must look like.  I can sort of see why Dave likes it.   With the arms and legs stretched out like that you definitely feel in control.

I didn't push my luck and quickly released her and let her get dressed again.  We chatted for another couple of hours before she left. She said she would definitely come back.

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