Monday, 10 February 2014

About Miss X

Quick list of what I have found out about her (I am such an anorak.)

Age 27

Not very intelligent but sort of shrewd and maybe even wise.

Two sisters, one older one younger.  Doesn't keep in touch with either much.  Parents separated but on good terms.  Doesn't see her Dad very often.

3 ex boyfriends.  Not very happy with any of them.  One of them could only come by masturbating, which he did over her tits.  (Don't blame him.  They are rather nice.)  Other two were okay but one got bored with her and dumped her and other bored her so she dumped him.

Hasn't really explored sex too much.  Never been spanked.  Hasn't tried bondage.  Not even sure if she likes oral either giving or receiving.

Very negative view of men  (Wince)

Fascinated by idea of a Master slave relationship, but has never considered being in one.

Self conscious about her appearance and weight.  Doesn't think she is attractive to men.

No opinions on politics or religion.

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