Friday, 3 January 2014

A New Year - New Challenges

So a new year.

There is so much that I have learnt over the last year.   After years of dreaming about it, I have now spent a year as a slave to a wonderful man.  It came more easily than I expected, mainly thanks to Him.  I hadn't expected it to lead to so many friendships as well, but I am now part of a small community of like minded people.

And that is one of the things I want to change.  Eight of us is a good number but I think we need more.  I have spoken to the other slaves about this.   Wouldn't it be great to recruit a new slave to the lifestyle.  In particular, wouldn't it be good to find someone who has never thought about living this way before and win them over to it?

I think the way to do it is to simply befriend someone and when I have got to know them, see what they think.  If they sound curious, introduce them to what goes on.  Then maybe win them over.  Perhaps it is a project where the plan is less important than following your feelings.

Another unexpected outcome.  I spent Christmas with my parents and took David down to meet them.  I was very anxious.  There was so much that could go wrong.  He is closer to their age than to mine.  I had never really talked to them about anything to do with my relationship with him.  It sounds strange, but I had no idea, no idea whatsoever, what they would think.  Although I have always got on well with my parents I have always kept a lot of myself secret from them.

In the event it turned out completely different to how I imagined.  Dad and David hit it off and disappeared off to the pub Christmas Eve.  Mum and I talked.  She had guessed pretty closely the way it worked with David and I.  What she hadn't guessed, in my surprise I filled in.  She was very calm about it.  She said she understood as that was the way it was with her and Dad in some ways.  I had always sort of suspected that - or at least I had when I let myself think about it which wasn't often.

So when the men came back I felt that Mum and I had a secret.  But it became clear that Dad and David had been having a conversation too.  It was all a bit awkward, but perhaps not as awkward as it might have been.  After all, keeping everything secret would have been even harder.

So that was a funny way for things to turn out.

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