Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Public Punishment

I think there is one thing I really would love to change about the world.  As it is Master/slave relationships are frowned upon and have to be kept secret.  This means that punishments can't be carried out in public.

This is a big shame.  I would love to have this option open.  Not only do I think it would be something I might endure myself, it would be interesting to watch other people's as well.

Not that I am suggesting a free for all.  Decorum would be needed.  Slaves would have to be well behaved.  Masters would have to make sure they were dressed suitably.  Suits or very smart and clean leather would be the order of the day.  Punishments would be announced to the crowd in a suitable fashion and hopefully would gain a round of applause if delivered skilfully.

Oh well.  A slave can dream.

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