Sunday, 17 December 2017

My Ideal World - Bringing Up Young Women

I wrote an account of my early life a few years ago which covered the period up to when I drove off with Dave. At the time I intended to follow it up with what my life with Dave is like. But as in so many things the moment was lost and I can't seem to get back to it. But I have learnt a great deal from Dave and have now developed a new way of looking at things. And one of the things I have been thinking is what kind of life would I have ideally had. This is quite a flight of imagination because I don't just want a different life in the world we live in.

 I want to live in an entirely different world where things are organised along completely different lines.

I want to actually live in a world where male superiority is a fact and is enshrined in the way things are. One of the points of this fantasy world is that this is a world where men actually are superior. They are more intelligent and better looking than the actual men in the real world. So I am not saying that what I want has any relevance to anything other than my desires. The men are in control and they are the ones who enforce discipline. There is a hierarchy here of course. The older men are respected for their wisdom and the younger ones defer to them.

The men would all be physically very active and would have the kind of calm courage that you can rely on.

Women are slaves from birth and remain so. They are brought up to be obedient by their parents, and their parents find them Masters at around the age of 16. This gives the Master plenty of time to mould them to their will. So what would be the details of how a girl would be brought up? Obviously the father would be the first disciplinarian, and would keep her in line as she was growing up. There would be a period of time between puberty and being handed on where she would need to be strictly drilled. I think that his would need to be very much the duty of the father.

The object of the process would be to instil a deep level of obedience into their minds.  They should become slaves first and above all in their minds.  This comes easily to some of us of course.  I think it is the natural condition of women in many ways.  But it is still good to reinforce it with continual practice and regular discipline.

Although every Master will ultimately be in control of his slaves and will have total freedom to do what he wants and lay down any rules he chooses, I do think there will be some norms that all slaves should be inculcated with to get started with.

For a start there is getting used to wearing a collar and cuffs for prolonged periods of time.  This is something that women should be wearing more or less continually for their adult lives, so it is best to start early.  Getting familiar with being secured for prolonged periods is the natural next step after this. 

There is also the question of punishment.  In theory an obedient slave could go years without requiring any physical punishment if she never does anything wrong.  But I don’t regard that as a healthy situation.  You always feel more submissive after a session of corporal punishment.  This is something that needs to be maintained so regular application is necessary.

I’d suggest that between the ages of 16 and 18 this should be reasonably intense.   A daily experience of the cane and the crop would not be excessive.  A minimum of 20 strokes sounds about right.  A weekly set piece whipping - either secured to a cross or strapped to a bench would be very beneficial.  This could be anywhere between 50 and 100 strokes to make sure it really sinks in.

This weekly one could well carried out in public in small groups, if only to get public punishment established as something normal.

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