Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Town Meeting

Elm returned home after the match. Her mother was there with a glint in her eye. 'There is going to be a big announcement at the meeting later tonight.' She said.

Elm smiled back. Both of them knew what they were talking about, even though in theory it was all still a secret in the chief's mind.

'I had better get you ready' her mother said.

Elm stripped naked, and her mother wrapped her in a white silk sari. This single piece of cloth was wrapped around the bottom and tucked in, then up and around the breasts and tucked in again. It was not held in place by anything else. Then she put on the thin leather wrist and ankle cuffs, each with a small steel ring. These simple trappings were enough to mark out Elm as a slave ready to be handed over to her new Master.

All Elm had to do now was make sure she maintained her dignity at the tribe meeting.

The meeting started as the Sun was setting. First the chief made the announcement that everybody had been expecting. Astric had now proved himself a man and would be moving into his own hall. Elm bowed her head as custom dictated while everyone around cheered and waved. Astric looked across the crowd with a satisfied grin on his face. He was obviously pleased with the allocation.

Next the result of the match was announced, as if anyone did not already know it. The chief was pleased with the performance of the team. He called for the prizes to be brought out. The three women were led out in front of the Heruli by collars around their necks. They were all very beautiful and very shapely.

It was normal for the women to be assigned to the outstanding players. The first two were dispatched but before he announced the recipient of the third, the chief paused. The he announced that the last woman was to be given to Astric. There was a pause while the crowd took in this information. This meant he had gone from no slaves at all to two in one single day. This was most unusual. But the crowd collectively decided that they approved and a huge shout of approval went up.

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