Monday, 27 December 2010

Mel's Mind World

I have been thinking about the perfect world I would like to live in.

This is a planet colonised by humans from Earth, but they have been specially selected to fulfill the roles they should play.

This world is ruled by an emperor. He has absolute power and can do whatever he likes. But he has been chosen because he is very intelligent, fair minded and has a keen sense of justice. He only has a small police force to keep law and order because everyone else lives in small villages of 100-200 people, and these look after most of what goes on.

Each village has a headman appointed by the emperor. He has a lot of power but has to keep within the rules laid down by the emperor and can be replaced if his people complain to the emperor about him.

The main activity of the villages is a sport played by all the able bodied males. This is a sort of mass wrestling match played against other villages. These take place every week, and the winning team gets to choose to take one woman from the losing team's village.

The chief allocates women to men and can rearrange things as he sees fit. Women are expected to defer to men generally. But they only have sexual relations with the man who as been allocated to them as their master. The master has the right to inflict physical punishments on the women. These are carried out at weekly village meetings with a full explanation given in advance. The woman can appeal to the Chief, or if she isn't happy directly to the emperor.

I will think about it and put some more details up.

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