Sunday, 30 December 2012

My Perfect World

In my perfect world

1.  All men would be tall, good looking and dominant.  They would run things and make the rules.

2. All women would be submissive, and would all be owned by a man.

3. All women will receive regular corporal punishment, so they don't forget what it feels like. Many punishments would be public.

4. All women will be trained from puberty by their mothers to a high standard of sexual excellence.

5. Obedience to men is unconditional.

6. Criticizing men is both illegal and frowned upon.

7. Men will carry corrective instruments with them at all times, according to their tastes in these things.

8. Men will maintain a high level of discipline at all times.

9. Men will keep themselves fit.

10. Women once owned, will wear shackles on wrists and ankles at all times.  There will be tethering points in all public places to be used when needed.

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