Saturday, 6 March 2010

My Date with Dave

It was a week ago now but I will try and remember the details of my date with Dave.

His profile on POF had been pretty nondescript, but when we went onto MSN it was more interesting. I got him to play word association and he soon came up with plenty of interesting words. He said he was a dominant male looking for a submissive female.

He was only in Chiswick so we arranged to meet up in the Anchor.

He wasn't as tall or as good looking as I was expecting, but he was really friendly.

I was a good girl and let him take the lead. He wasn't quite as confident in real life as on line but it turned out that his particular favourite activity was caning. This was a bit scary as it sounded a bit extreme. I was in two minds, but I agreed to go back to his place.

He had me over the back of his setee in no time. I expected the cane to hurt. It did. I managed to get to six strokes before I had to cry off. I went straight home afterwards which was pretty rotten of me because I am sure he was expecting sex.

Next day I had pretty severe bruising, but it didn't really hurt and it was actually rather cool.

What I have learnt -

- don't rush in. Take time to get to know him
- dress a bit sexier.
- this stuff really does hurt

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  1. You don't owe anybody sex, under any conditions. I think it's absolutely fine that you left when you did. Caning DOES hurt..and I say that as someone who is so afraid of it that I've never been caned. You're quite brave. He might have been more careful with you..more gentle. A caning for the first meeting is an awfully lot..I'd beg off before the cane touched me once, I bet. ;)

    You're right, though, about the take time to get to know him bit. It's hard thing sometimes seems to lead to another quite quickly.
    :) Celine